Coming soon: The Race Is On.  45 minute documentary.

IN ORDER TO AVOID DISASTER, the international community has agreed to limit global warming to no more than 2°Celsius. For that to happen, changes are required across all sectors of UK society. Very few people appreciate just how profound these changes will be.

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Film released on 15th June 2018

This film is about the central secrets of climate change; about the hidden changes that will soon affect most people’s lives.  The United Nations Paris Climate Agreement relies on large scale undeveloped and untested ‘negative emissions technologies’.  If these technologies fail to work as predicted, then at current rates of pollution, scientists say that society has just 19 years left before dangerous climate change is ‘locked-in’.

THE RACE IS ON tells this epic story through the words of four world leading experts: climate scientist Dr. Gavin Schmidt from NASA, renegade economist Kate Raworth from Oxford university, senior UK universities energy and climate research Professor Kevin Anderson, and principal researcher Paul Allen from Zero Carbon Britain.  Charismatic sustainability academic Dr. James Dyke guides the story through a labyrinth of seemingly insurmountable problems to show us that not only do we have the solutions to hand – a post-carbon UK is a healthier and happier nation.

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Climate Race LIVE!

JOIN US on Thursday 15th November 2018 from 7pm to 9pm where we will discuss and debate issues from the film. We will be Live from Studio Solent at Solent university and online everywhere.

This event will feature multiple Skpye connections; interactive polls; question tools; and social media. Our objective is to share understanding and forge common purpose to transform our part of the world…

Free event. Studio capacity 150, tickets available soon…

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